As far back as I can remember I’ve considered myself a Christian. I was born in a Christian home and was raised by Christian parents. I haven’t had the chance to trace my family line but from what my mother tells me they were Christians too. Am told I was baptized when I was young and according to tradition circumcised at a very early age. I went to church with my mother and brothers as a Christian family do; every Sunday like clockwork. Like all Christians do, I read the Bible every Sunday following the scripture being guided by our ‘Holy Pastor’ or so I thought. As I started growing up, I attended catholic schools both in my primary and secondary schooling. If you’re from outside Kenya, you can relate this to me attending catholic schools both in my junior and senior year. The fear of God was drilled in me from an early age! There was absolutely no doubt in me that God exists. Both my family and school taught me that The Bible was the Word of God and I should follow it. Continue reading “THE FALL OF CHRISTIANITY AND THE FULFILLMENT OF PROPHESY (PART I)”