Though the link hasn’t been profoundly established, there exists a symbiotic relationship between corruption and genocide in Sub-Saharan Africa. In most states where rampant incidences of corruption are experienced, the likelihood of a genocide occurring or being in progress already increases by a significant proportion. Founder and President of Genocide Watch, Dr. Gregory Stanton once delivered a speech on the link between corruption and genocide in South Africa.(  Though in his speech his main focus was on South Africa, the main points which he delivered when generalized throughout the continent seem to apply in other countries facing the vices as well. Continue reading “LINK BETWEEN CORRUPTION & GENOCIDE IN SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA: THE KENYAN CRISIS”


Dear Kenyans,

I write this letter to you hoping you are fine despite the facts which state otherwise. We have always been a resilient people, strong-willed, hardworking and industrious. No matter how the odds are stacked against us, you can bet a Kenyan can make it through! That is why despite our current predicament; somehow and someway we still find ways to make it work. We still rise up at 5a.m in the morning, preparing to go to work despite the fact that we are being underpaid and over taxed. We still wake up our kids at 6a.m and prepare them to go to school, telling them that is the only way to a better future. We still go about our daily activities as if everything is okay despite the fact that things are crumbling all around us. Our spirit is unbreakable, we match forward where others would clearly turn back, and we sing victory songs even when it seems there is no victory! If I didn’t know any better I’d have said we are the real Spartans.

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