As much as I try not to get too tangled up in the messy affairs of politics, every now and then some spectacle happens that I cannot resist commenting on. In this case it’s the move by the conservatives to call for a snap general election.  When I saw it on the news a few weeks ago I instantly knew the conservatives had something up their sleeves!  The question that the British people should ask themselves though is why now? Why wait for almost a year since taking power so as to call for elections?  Especially when the leader of the conservative party Theresa May herself is on record saying she won’t call for the very same elections this soon.

If there’s something I’ve learnt when it comes to politics is that timing is key and this case here is no different. The timing of this snap election itself raises some suspicions, and according to my opinion seeks to get The Labour Party at a disadvantage! I think Labour leader Corbyn and his team know it as well, but they’ve chose to carry on regardless.  Whether this decision will prove unwise or be revolutionary like Brexit we will know in a few weeks; regardless it’s clear that Labour took a huge gamble in supporting the conservatives on this one and it might not pay off as well as they thought. Why am I saying this? Here are a few of the reasons that have shaped my line of thought:

First of all it is public knowledge that lately Labour has been having a funding crisis! The party is short on funds right now and the fact that suddenly they have to compete in an election in a few months that they hadn’t planned for makes the situation even more dire. Labour used to get majority of its support from trade unions, but due to changes in the Political Parties, Elections & Referendum Act that support has been steadily decreasing . Another factor that has contributed to Labour’s low state of funds is its lack of big donors which its main opponent The Conservative Party doesn’t seem to have. The Labour party with its leader Corbyn is majorly considered anti establishment so big corporations distance themselves from being affiliated with him. Corbyn views on major issues such as re-nationalization of public assets instead of privatization, foreign military policy of non military intervention, public support of the BDS movement against Israel and Unilateral nuclear dis-armament make him an outsider even in political circles. His own party after all even tried to oust him. That’s the type of man Corbyn is: unconventional and a rebel in every sense of the word. Corporations fear the type and I can guarantee you that the big money will be flowing to the conservatives on this one.

Another reason why I think the timing of Britain’s snap election is suspect is the current immigration issues facing the country. Lately there have been rising anti-immigrant rhetoric in Britain and the current refugee crisis being experienced in Europe has only served to re-ignite them. Corbyn’s stand on immigration is considered soft when it compares to that of Theresa May who is widely known for her tough stand on immigration especially during her tenure as home secretary. Unfortunately for Corbyn, the current mood in Britain right now is more anti-immigrant which favors May and the conservatives. Thus if an election were called right now as is the case; Corbyn’s support base would significantly reduce which would be in favor of the Conservatives. That’s how conniving the Conservatives are and any British citizen thinking all this is just a coincidence needs to re-evaluate the facts.

Lastly, it goes without saying that fresh elections would free the conservatives from sticking to their previous campaign manifestos; some of which they have been having a hard time trying to keep already. With the snap elections coming up in a few weeks’ time; campaign promises made by Conservatives under Cameron which were supposed to last until early 2020 would be open for review and dismissal. Since the Conservatives haven’t published their new manifesto yet, and Theresa May is being tight-lipped by refusing to participate in televised political debates and tours in Britain. One can only take a calculated guess at which manifestos would be scrapped and conservatives being pro establishment you can kiss goodbye to a good majority of deals which reduce taxation or increase the minimum wage on the local British population.




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