I don’t know about you but I have consistently asked myself this question! Like really! What is the purpose of our lives? Is there a specific objective that we must fulfill before we die? And if there is, is this objective dependent on the person or is it the same for us all?  Can anyone out there answer me this question? Do you know the purpose of your life?

You see when it comes to questions about life in general we all have our different answers based on how we experience it. I mean it’s a fact we all experience life differently. The way I live my life isn’t necessarily the same way someone else lives theirs. Off course there are some common stages which are pretty much the same for everyone but these common stages don’t last long enough for us to define life by them. The defining parts which shape our perceptions and define our realities are custom made. They can be a series of small decisions which we make thinking they have little consequence at the time or one major decision that we make which we know the moment it’s made everything changes! Regardless of the type of decision, it has the same impact on all our lives; it sets us on a path of our own choosing in which we usually experience the rest of our lives through. I say usually because being human at each point in our lives we always have an alternative! At no point in your life will you ever have just one single option and regardless of how far you’ve gone on the path you chose as long as you are alive you can always choose the alternative and then everything changes from that point on.

I am talking a lot about paths because life in essence is a journey. It’s a road we are on and everyone is a traveler. We are all traveling to a destination. We are all headed somewhere, whether we know it or not. Think of it like a highway with lots of junctions leading to various destinations. I’ll sketch a picture and include it so I can help you get the visualization correct because it’s important. I will use this visualization to explain a lot of things in my writing both past, present and future so hold on to it and don’t forget it. You can even print it out and post it somewhere where you can look at it.



I’ll explain later why I have numbered the various destinations the junctions lead to the same but for now just internalize that sketch and reflect on it for a moment. We are all traveling on that highway which is leading us to our various destinations. We have one straight path and various junctions where we can choose to branch off from the main path. Our actions determine which path we take; they can be regarded as a sort of steering wheel. They steer us to the junctions or keep us on the highway.  Throughout our whole lives we travel on this highway and when we die we go to the destination that is at the end of the path we were on. It’s as simple as that really! If you took the junction you end up at destination 2 and if you took the straight path you end up at destination 1. Take in mind this is just a simple representation for explanation purposes. However take note of how a traveler on this highway always has an alternative to take. He can choose to stay on the highway or take the junction and if he is on the junction he can choose to stay on the junction or go back to the highway. Always there is a choice to be made, that’s the beauty of life. It always presents us with a choice. Now the simplicity or the difficulty of the choices are a different matter altogether but understand that the choice is always there.

For now I feel I’ll stop writing the article at this point. There is more to share with you later but not on this article. This was just for reflection and self-inquisition purposes.  It’s a foundation or presentation to the next one. Hopefully when I write it you’ll have asked yourself what is the purpose of your life and then once you think you have that figured out my next article will change all that.


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