Now as I mentioned in my previous article; which was the first part of this article that I intend to write, Christianity has fallen! The modern Christian Church as it is; can no longer lead the masses back to The Almighty. This is partly because the people who have been placed to lead in these Churches are no longer descendants of the true bloodline. If you have no idea what I am talking about read my previous article. In it you will find the basics you need before you can understand what I am going to speak of in this 2nd part of the article.

Now as I mentioned earlier, The Bible is a historical and prophetic Book. It was written by Jews inspired by The Most High. The Most High chose the Jews to be his people among all tribes and nations that currently exist in the earth! As it is written in:

DEUT 7:6} For thou [art] an holy people unto the LORD thy God: the LORD thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that [are] upon the face of the earth

However, when the Jews sinned and began to worship other gods; they forced Him to take away their blessings and instead they were placed under a curse. The Most High had warned them that this would happen if they disobeyed him but from the start they have always been a stiff-necked people!

DEUT {11:26} Behold, I set before you this day a blessing and a curse; {11:27} A blessing, if ye obey the commandments of the LORD your God, which I command you this day: {11:28} And a curse, if ye will not obey the commandments of the LORD your God, but turn aside out of the way which I command you this day, to go after other gods, which ye have not known.

Therefore as it is written in the Bible, the real Jews are currently under a curse since they did not obey The Most High’s laws. Now to identify who the real Jews are; we need to identify the curses which The Bible says they will be placed under! So what are the curses that God’s chosen people will have to suffer through? The curses can be found in Deuteronomy 28. I will not go through all of them for they are many but I will pick out a few which stood out.

DEUT {28:47} Because thou servedst not the LORD thy God with joyfulness, and with gladness of heart, for the abundance of all [things;] {28:48} Therefore shalt thou serve thine enemies which the LORD shall send against thee, in hunger, and in thirst, and in nakedness, and in want of all [things:] and he shall put a yoke of iron upon thy neck, until he have destroyed thee. {28:49} The LORD shall bring a nation against thee from far, from the end of the earth, [as swift] as the eagle flieth; a nation whose tongue thou shalt not understand; {28:50} A nation of fierce countenance, which shall not regard the person of the old, nor shew favour to the young:

So according to the verse above, the Jews would be conquered by another nation from afar! This other nation would make us be their servants, and would treat us terribly! They will also speak in languages which we do not understand and will have no mercy on either our young or old.

DEUT {28:64} And the LORD shall scatter thee among all people, from the one end of the earth even unto the other; and there thou shalt serve other gods, which neither thou nor thy fathers have known, [even] wood and stone.

Also according to the Bible, when we are conquered we will be scattered throughout the entire earth. We will not have a country of our own but we will exist among other nations as a people or tribes or groupings throughout the entire earth. Therefore the real Jews will not be centrally placed in one single location on earth but distributed on the entire earth. Just by that verse alone we see that the current state of Israel and its people can’t be the real Jews the Bible is talking about!  Am actually speaking in context of the entire chapter as I read in Deuteronomy 28 but only picking a few points to make my argument on: but in context the entire chapter cannot be talking about the Jewish people who claim to be the real Israelites. As seen in the verse above, the real Jews will serve other gods and will discontinue from serving The Most High during these times. So the question is who will introduce these other gods to us as we have never known them?  These gods of wood and stone! Well the people who conquered us obviously did! So the Jews were conquered by a people who served gods made of wood and stone. Therefore, from that verse we can deduct that for a time until the real Jews wake up they will be serving the gods of the nations that conquered them right? Keep that in mind, I need to highlight one more verse before I reveal these other gods of the nations that we will be serving.

 DEUT {28:68} And the LORD shall bring thee into Egypt again with ships, by the way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou shalt see it no more again: and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy [you.

So in the earlier verse it only states that we will be scattered all over the earth but it doesn’t state how! This is also very important when it comes to identifying who the real Jews are. So according to the verse above we will be brought into Egypt again with ships! So the real Jews will be taken from their lands using ships and be sold into slavery to serve their enemies as bondmen and bondwomen. Now when this verse talks about Egypt, it’s not just talking about the physical Egypt in Africa! You need to understand the Bible was originally translated from the Torah which is in Hebrew. Therefore any translations should also accommodate the synonyms of the Hebrew words when translated to English. If you ask any Hebrew scholar for the synonyms of the word Egypt; if they are being truthful they will tell you it also means bondage or slavery. Thus in the verse above it is correct to replace Egypt with the words bondage or slavery. Thus the verse states we will be brought to bondage again with ships! Considering we once served in actual Egypt as slaves in the time of Moses until The Most High freed us. Thus from Deuteronomy 28, you can conclude that:

  1. The real Jews were placed under a curse on earth for their disobedience in following The Most High’s laws, statutes and commandments.
  2. For a time they will serve other gods! Even of wood and stone. The gods of the nations that conquered them.
  3. They will not have their own nation to call home as they will be scattered throughout the four corners of the earth!
  4. They will go into bondage by way of ships where they will be sold as bondmen and bondwomen.

Now based on those points above, which people currently on the earth fit that description of the Jews?  Certainly not the Jewish people in Israel!  They continue to disobey the laws in the Bible yet they remain blessed! They are not located on the four corners of the earth! They have a nation which they claim to be their own! They were not taken captives in ships or sold into slavery and subjected to the curses in Deuteronomy 28! So how can they claim to be Jews! Jews are not Jews by nature of the religion they follow but only by nature of their lineage! Therefore the real Jews will remain Jews regardless of whatever gods they worship! The Jewish claim to be Jews based on Judaism and the fact that they currently live in Israel. They have deceived the whole earth to the point that if you speak anything against them you are regarded as an anti Semite! That makes no sense considering the fact that their lineage cannot be traced back to Jacob. They don’t fit any of the descriptions of the Jews in the Bible! This is because they aren’t! Yet they claim to be the authorities regarding the Bible! They have hijacked the real Jews history and used it as a sort of trump card to bargain with other nations and occupy a land which is not their own! Now is that not madness? Yet they didn’t achieve this status on their own, they had help from the other nations currently in the earth! It was a confederate of nations which conquered the real Jews to keep them in captivity! This could only be achieved by making them forget their heritage so that they would never find out who they are in this earth! So they came together and tried to systematically erase our history! They destroyed whatever they could destroy and tried to cover up whatever they couldn’t! They tried to alter our records, hell they even tried to alter and remove some Books from the Bible! The Most High allowed this to happen because of our disobedience but he could not let them totally destroy everything for our captivity was to last only for a time! A time would come when we would begin to awaken! When that time came records which had been previously been hid and kept safe by our brethren would begin to be revealed and the road to our redemption would begin.

Still it’s not as if the world will stand aside and let this happen without any resistance! It is in their best interest that the real Jews not know who they are! That’s why they tried to cover it up in the first place. The longer they keep us ignorant and far from The Most High the longer they rule over us! Once we begin to rise and go back to following our God and his statutes then their empires will begin to fall. It is prophecy! Their empires must fall for us to rise. All these religions should only be considered as a distraction to keep us from the truth. We have no religion! We only have a heritage which we shall receive in due time but we must stop following the gods of the nations that kept us in captivity.

Now this article is just but an introduction to the truth! Consider it a foundation on the history of the real Jews. In the next article I will go into references outside the Bible! Not that it is necessary! The Bible itself contains lots of information regarding God’s chosen people, but just for the sake of those who don’t read the Bible! Who for some reason stopped believing in God because the way religions have deliberately misused a book which was never written for them! I will go into historical books that actually prove the Jewish to be impostors and in the process show you the real Jews in the nations they are currently living in. This will be important in exposing Christianity for the false doctrine that it is! The only positive that Christianity has over other religions is that the Book it uses is true! If the Bible were to be taught by a real Jew with true understanding then a high percentage of the Christian church’s customs, traditions and practices would actually be revealed to be pagan!



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