Dear Kenyans,

I write this letter to you hoping you are fine despite the facts which state otherwise. We have always been a resilient people, strong-willed, hardworking and industrious. No matter how the odds are stacked against us, you can bet a Kenyan can make it through! That is why despite our current predicament; somehow and someway we still find ways to make it work. We still rise up at 5a.m in the morning, preparing to go to work despite the fact that we are being underpaid and over taxed. We still wake up our kids at 6a.m and prepare them to go to school, telling them that is the only way to a better future. We still go about our daily activities as if everything is okay despite the fact that things are crumbling all around us. Our spirit is unbreakable, we match forward where others would clearly turn back, and we sing victory songs even when it seems there is no victory! If I didn’t know any better I’d have said we are the real Spartans.

However, no matter how much we want to hope and ignore all that is happening around us; doing so will lead us to our doom. Most of us are hardworking and honest citizens whose only concern is to ensure there is bread on our tables, clothes on our back and a decent roof over our heads. Luxury to us is not a necessity and it’s something not many of us get to experience DESPITE the fact that we should! After all we work from sunrise to sundown everyday 6 days in a week! We pay almost 30% of our total income in taxes to our government, being the good Christians we are we give a tenth of the remainder to our churches hoping for blessings from above! We do all that is required from us but still it’s as if it never is enough. We continue to give more and get less! Why is this? It’s as if we are cursed! Where are the fruits of our labor?

My people, it’s time for us to awake! We have been asleep for way to long and the time to awaken from our slumber has come! It’s time for us to take back what is rightfully ours, for the sake of our children and their children, we can’t continue on the same path we are on. It’s time for us to stop believing what we are told and to start asking our own questions. Where does the money they take from our paychecks in the excuse of providing better services go to? Our roads are still rough; our schools still lack most basic amenities; our hospitals don’t even contain enough doctors, nurses, beds and medicine to take care of our sick! We plant more and reap less! The food prices keep going up. Our rents are on the rise, we can’t even afford a decent house to live in. All of our utility bills are on the rise! Electricity, water, security! They are all going up! Yet they take more from us than ever before! So where does it all go?

The more we work the more they take and the less we receive! We don’t have anything left to pass on to our children despite the fact we have been working for most of our lives! No land and no wealth. In fact, it seems the only things we leave behind as our inheritance is our problems!  We poison our rivers, destroy our forests, sell our minerals to outsiders, kill our wildlife, and sell our ancestral lands. Yet even that is not enough to satisfy our needs and provide for our families. Shall we sell ourselves too? Our freedom? Our heritage and go back to being slaves in our own countries? What more are we willing to watch being taken from us before we awake and realize our mistakes! What more Kenyans are you willing to sacrifice? Is this the Independence our forefathers fought so hard to achieve? Shed their blood and risked their lives for! The entire struggle they underwent only for us their children to give it all away freely?

Where are our leaders? How come they are complacent in all of this? What happened to standing up for the weak and oppressed? After all that is why we voted for them, to represent us is it not? To represent our interests and ensure our voices and opinions are taken into consideration! How come they are quiet and no longer stand among us! Why have they grown extremely wealthy and powerful yet the people they represent ravish in poverty? Why is it that as they become more wealthy and powerful we become more poor and miserable? They are pointing us to one direction while they head in the opposite! Are these the people we have chosen to trust? The people, who steal from their own, kill and oppress their own? I thought education was supposed to make as wise so why is it that we have become more foolish? Why do we let ourselves be divided in to tribal, geographical and religious affiliations when we are the same people?

As long as we continue following the ideology of our so-called leaders who we see only watch out for their own interests and are keen on maintaining the status quo then we will remain oppressed. They have everything so why would they want things to change? It is in their best interests if things were to remain as they were; them owning everything and the majority of us having to eat the scraps that fall from their high tables! That’s why they keep us poor so that we have to beg and serve them. They keep us distracted with petty issues such as tribalism and religion while they continue to amass personal wealth on our sweat! They divide us, so that we cannot see the common suffering in each of us! Because when we realize we are all trying to achieve the same goals and we all have a common enemy then we become a threat to their status. They are not one of our own; if they were they wouldn’t steal from us and our children! We need to take back our country, they won’t just hand it back to us! In order for us to do that we need to see past all the groupings which they use to divide us and see the common circumstances majority of us live in. We have more similarities than differences so instead of trying to divide ourselves perhaps it’s time we started uniting. Only then will we get back what belongs to us. Only then!

This message isn’t for every Kenyan, it’s for the few who are the many! Who feel like they are drowning in a political system that continuously turns us against each other for their own selfish agenda.  I hope maybe this time, this one time, we will pick our leaders right. Let’s not sell our right to choose who leads us! Let’s not sell our souls for bread and pocket change, we’d rather starve today and have plenty tomorrow than eat for one night and starve for the rest of our life.

From a true patriot,

Stay blessed.


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